Sunday, January 5, 2014

Goals for 2014

2014 started a couple of days ago and of course I've formed some goals. Some are easier to achieve than others, but they are things I want to do anyway. Most goals are reading goals, but there are some personal ones as well.

Keep reading -- goal: 70 books
Last year, I challenged myself to read 90 books. With me moving and attempting to get into the flow of having my own house (and all the work that comes with it), this goal was a bit too enthousiastic. However, I've got some sort of routine now and not so much furniture to put together, so I'm hoping to be able to actually reach my goal instead of adjusting it.

Classics -- goal: 5 books
This will probably be the biggest fail of a challenge in the history of challenges, but since I really want to venture out more, I'll leave this on here. I don't expect much progress, though the book club plans a classics month. That'll be one down!

Read more sequels -- goal: finish 10 series
The amount of series I have not finished yet is ridiculous. I must be in the middle of about 15 series in which I only need to read the last book, but somehow haven't done that. I'm determined to change this in 2014.

Read more standalones -- goal: 15 books
There are so many series, it's easy to overlook the standalones! To make sure I don't get sucked into a tsunami of series, I intend to read at least 15 standalones this year. Preferably fluffy ones. Or exciting ones. As long as they are awesome, I'm game.

Read your own books -- goal: 20 books
I came up with this goal earlier when I was swimming in review books. I still have quite a lot, but I've also noticed that I tend to not read books I buy. So I've bought a ton of amazing books in 2013 that I haven't read yet, and I want to do something about it. So in 2014, I'm reading 20 books I own as of January 1st, 2014.

Support the debuts -- goal: 10 books
I haven't really done anything in terms of debut challenges last year, but I've missed it so I'm reintroducing this goal. I hope to discover at least 10 awesome book of debut authors that publish in 2014. Bring on the gems!

Do things that make me happy
Moving was stressful, but also made me happy. I now have my own place. A house filled with books, comfy hangouts and sparkly lights. And I LOVE it. But I have to say, I also missed going on vacation. So that's a Thing That Makes Me Happy that I'll be bringing back in 2014. London, here I come! Again! Whoop! I've already started planning my trip and I'm very excited. Hopefully I'll be there again in early June. Besides that, I'm thinking of movies, shopping, book club meetings, dinners, quite possibly getting a cat.. Oh yeah. I'm excited.

Get healthier
In 2013, I lost almost 14 kg by eating less junk and walking during my lunch breaks. In 2014, I want to lose another 16 kg so I'm back at a healthy weight. I want to go back to the gym, but the thought alone is slightly intimidating, so I think I need to trick myself into going. Or something. I love exercising at the gym, but those first 3 - 4 times.. *shudder*

And.. I think that's it! I'm very excited for this new year and I hope it will be a good one. If you've made goals, I hope you are successful in achieving them. And of course, happy new year everyone! Let's make it a good one :)

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  1. Goals posts are the best posts. I'm challenging myself to read five classics too *high five* I found a challenge for Tatum that looks quite good, it challenges you to read several different types of classic, like one published in the 19th century, 20th century, written by a female author, an American classic... Yeah. I think I'm going to unofficially take part in that. Yay for supporting debuts! WE NEED TO MEET WHEN YOURE IN LONDON THIS TIME.


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