Sunday, December 1, 2013

Get Read-y for 2014: The Kick-Off!

Welcome to the kick-off for Get Read-y for 2014! During the month of December we read as many books as we can to get ready for 2014 and all the shiny new books the new year will bring us. For more information, please check out the Announcement post.

How it works
Read as many books as you can to clear your TBR for 2014. Easypeasy. There are no requirements for the books you can read, just that they are on your current TBR. You can track it by making a list in your kick-off post, making a shelf on Goodreads, or just tweeting about it. This is not a competition; it is a way to help you make room for more pretties, because we always want more books. This is just a way to get some of them read.. Hopefully.

If you use twitter to track your progress, please use the hashtag #getready2014 so I can see how you guys are doing and cheer you on!

The calendar
Because the focus is on reading books, there won't be many set events during the month. There will be a check-in on the 15th and the 31th so you guys can link up your progress, or maybe even reviews if you're more productive in that area than I am, LOL. Besides that, there will be two readathons, both covering an entire weekend:

December 7th - 8th -- 48 hour readathon
December 28th - 29th -- 48 hour readathon

There will be some mini challenges during the month, but I don't want the focus to be on that -- it's extra. This month isn't a competition of who reads the most, but of course you are encouraged to read a bazillion books if you want to!

The administration
Signing up for Get Read-y can be done by filling in the linky at the bottom of this post. It asks for a link -- if you don't have a blog, just use your Goodreads, Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter account, whichever you'll use to track your progress. Please use that as well to post your sign-up posts: I'd love to see what your goals are!

Feel free to share this post -- the more, the merrier!

If you have a blog, you can add a button to show you're joining in. Please save this to your computer instead of hotlinking :)

If you have any questions, please ask me! I hope you'll join me in cleaning out the TBR a little -- 2014 looks like it'll bring us a ton of awesome books.

Feel free to leave links to your reading lists, kick-off posts and the like in the comments below!

Enough talking, let's get reading. We can do this!

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  1. I can't wait! I have a read-a-thon starting post going up later today ;)

    Michelle @ Book Briefs


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