Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gearing up..

Gearing up towards a normal blogging schedule! I've been making lists again, which, for me, is a sign that I'm getting back into the swing of things. I've started writing reviews for the books that I read in the past couple of months so those should be going up somewhere in the next couple of weeks. Just a warning though: they might be crappy. Correction; I know they will be crappy, at least slightly, because I read those books so long ago. But I have notes and I will conquer! Huzzah!

Small home-y update; they replaced the window in the library so I'm starting the work on the library today! I'll be prepping the woodworks for painting, which I will hopefully be doing in the weekend, so I can start painting the walls next weekend. I'm expecting a little delay in that though, because it's so much work, but it should be done around May 1st and then it's only two more weeks until my shelves arrive! Sweet! Exclamation points!

For those of you interested in it, this will be the color on at least two of the three walls (one wall is almost entirely windows):

I'm still thinking on the color for the third wall.. That'll be the wall where the low shelves will be, possibly with images/paintings/something like that on the wall. I love this color, but it might be a bit much for all the walls. Any thoughts? :)

Oh and before I forget, because I know some of you want to know, these will be my new bookshelves:

Two walls lined with these and one wall with lower ones. I can't wait to have real shelves!

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to getting back into things! I've started reading blogs again as well, so I'm a bit more up to date with the books coming out. Man, I feel rusty... xD

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