Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home Update

Since I haven't posted much since my last post (ahem, one post), I thought I'd write a little update for those of you who are interested :)

As of today, all of the paperwork is filed and I'll be signing the last papers on Friday at the notary's office and when that is finalised, I'll be getting the keys to my very first home! I'm very excited, but at the same time I can't seem to comprehend that it's really happening.

The first couple of weeks will mainly consist of painting the walls and ceilings in several rooms and replacing (parts of) the floor, after that it'll be putting together IKEA furniture for some time (man, I love IKEA) and hopefully everything is set up before April 1st, so I can move in by Easter!

Because my weekends will be mostly taken up by house-stuff until I settle into a steady rhythm, I'll probably be posting sporadically on here, but I'll keep reading. I keep my Goodreads updated at all times, so if you're curious what I'm reading, check out my Goodreads page.


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