Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At this very moment..

.. I'm either preparing for surgery at the hospital, or already being wheeled down to the operating room. Those of you who follow me on twitter, probably already know that since I've been tweeting about it a lot (nerves, I guess), but for the people who are not following me on twitter - this post is for you.

On the day that The Hunger Games plays in cinemas in The Netherlands for the first time (eep!), I'm admitted to the hospital to undergo surgery (eek!). They are taking out my gallbladder, which will happen through laparoscopy, so I should be home the same day or maybe the day after that. If they can't do the surgery that way, I'll need conventional surgery, which means I'll have to stay at the hospital for a bit longer. I'm counting on the surgery to go according to plan, but you never know!

Image from doctor cat and pusheen

I've written this post so you guys know what's going on and if I'm not around for a couple of days, this is why :) I've scheduled a lot of posts, so the blog will run without me feeding it. It's just that I probably won't be around to answer your comments and emails and interact on twitter. It'll have to wait for a bit while I recover, but I'm sure you guys understand this :)

I'll keep you posted on twitter as soon as I'm able to! I'll probably be on painkillers, so don't mind the weird tweets too much..

Hopefully I'll be back soon!


  1. OMG I hope you feel better soon :( I had my spleen removed a few years ago and I really hope they can do it all laparoscopicly. I ended up having to be cut open and it hurts bad :( Good luck and heal fast!

    (also I love your kitty graphic, so cute!)

  2. Good Luck, Daphne!! Hope you come back soon!! =)

  3. Oh, I hope everything goes well. That sucks that you can't watch The Hunger Games, but I'm happy that you're getting your problems sorted. Good luck!


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