Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ten Things About Me As A Reader (6)

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing a weekly post that is a little more personal than the ones I usually post on the blog. Every week, I'll be listing ten things about me as a reader, until I reach 100. It can be anything relating to reading or books, as long as it also has to do with me - otherwise it wouldn't be Ten Things About Me As A Reader, right? :) We're already past the half-way point, so here are things 51 - 60!

51. I use an Aquarius sportsdrink bottle to drink from so I can drink without looking up from my book.
52. While I've got a ton of vampire books, I've gotten a little tired of YA vampire stories. Funnily, it seems like that draws me more towards adult vampire books.
53. Last time I went on holiday I brought six books, and I bought two at the airport. I was only gone for a week.
54. I can read just about anywhere; at home, but also in public transport, or while eating (not when I have company, of course).
55. I can't seem to get the hang of eating ice-cream while I'm reading. I'm using next summer to practice.

56. I have reserved places on my bookshelves for special books. Harry Potter, for instance, has its own cube that is entirely dedicated to the books and the related books I have.
57. My OCD is protesting loudly at the change of book covers for already half published series. I have yet to buy a next book in a series with a different cover. I simply refuse.
58. Call me a weirdo, but I try to read the story with the character's voices instead of seeing what they look like. I usually have an entirely different idea of how a certain character should look than the author.
59. Sometimes I read funny passages out loud and then about die laughing at what I just said.
60. I only really got back into reading because a psychologist (who I saw when I had mono and couldn't work) suggested that I should pick up a book to increase my concentration levels. I haven't stopped reading since.


And once again it was harder to think of new little facts, but there still are some little things I can share!

Next week and the week after that there won't be a Ten Things, but there will be another in the second full week of March :) No worries, I'll keep them coming!


  1. I'll have to practice with ice cream and a book this summer...

  2. There are very few things I can eat while reading. So I've been loving these audiobooks I've been listening to lately, because they let me read while I'm eating my lunch at work! During read-a-thons I eat mostly celery sticks and grapes, because you don't have to look to eat them.


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