Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ten Things About Me As A Reader (5)

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing a weekly post that is a little more personal than the ones I usually post on the blog. Every week, I'll be listing ten things about me as a reader, until I reach 100. It can be anything relating to reading or books, as long as it also has to do with me - otherwise it wouldn't be Ten Things About Me As A Reader, right? :) This is the fifth week and we're at the half-way point, so here are Things 41 - 50!

41. Since I've discovered so much awesomeness, I can't find the time to re-read my favorite books, even though I really want to.
42. I keep a reading list with titles I need/want to read in a particular month. Otherwise I can spend way too much time just staring at my bookshelves (I'm talking way over an hour).
43. When I love a book, I tend to go a little overboard on my fangirliness.
44. I love swag! Unfortunately, there's not much specific book swag going around here, so I collect it like trophies.
45. I fell in love with Peeta while he was doing his interview before the Games.

46. When books have a gimmick, I'm more likely to buy them. Think the blueprint in Across the Universe or the ice-blue font in Shiver.
47. I'm a sucker for book statistics. I have a spreadsheet and I love the stats section on Goodreads.
48. When I got a speedreading pamflet a little while back, I counted the amount of words I read in an hour, and it turns out you're a speedreader when you read 85+ pages per 60 minutes. Count me in.
49. When I'm reading something that makes me anxious, or something indicates something is going to happen, I'm likely to put the book down for a small break if it's at the end of a chapter, or at a page break. It's a bad habit, and I need to break it.
50. There are only two books that I have two copies of: Deathly Hallows and Divergent (from publisher). Okay, and I have a digital copy of the entire The Hunger Games trilogy in addition to my hardcover boxed set.


It's getting harder and harder to think of new little facts, but they make me think about myself and my reading habits quite a lot! 

That's it for this week. Next week I'll have another ten things :) 


  1. Oh my goodness, #42! I just recently started making lists of what I plan to read this month, but I've always been someone who stares at my bookshelves. Even now with my lists, I look for excuses to browse my bookshelves. "Well, I've got my February and March books picked out, but what should I read in April..."

    1. Lol yeah I know it's bad! But this seems to work for me, even though I seem to try to work my way around it.. Like you do :P

  2. I never have time to re-read my favourites anymore either! I can't imagine staring at my shelves as long as you do! I usually just spontaneously pick up a book and see how it goes. I speed read a lot of the time too...but I've been slowing down recently which is weird! I own 2 copies of quite a few books: a 'real' one and a kindle one. My aim is to have all my books in both formats!

    The Cait Files

    1. That's a great aim! That's so awesome, you'd just take your books with you wherever you go.. I don't use my Kindle *that* much, only for review books and free Amazon titles xD

  3. I love Peeta too! I think he's my favorite male character in YA. Can't wait to see Josh Hutcherson's portrayal of him in the movie !!

    1. Agreed!! SO excited!! I'm sure Josh will do Peeta justice :)


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