Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ten Things About Me As A Reader (2)

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing a weekly post that is a little more personal than the ones I usually post on the blog. Every week, I'll be listing ten things about me as a reader, until I reach 100. It can be anything relating to reading or books, as long as it also has to do with me - otherwise it wouldn't be Ten Things About Me As A Reader, right? :) This is the second week, so here are Things 11 - 20!

11. About ninety-five percent of the books I read, are written in English. It was higher in 2011, but since I'm getting Dutch books for review, I've read some Dutch books, which I also enjoy a lot.
12. My Big Bookcase was a gift from my parents for my birthday. I had a couple of stacks of books on the floor behind my bed before that, and it looked rather messy.
13. I love looking at bookshelves. My own, in bookstores, other people, famous people.. I love looking at them.
14. Most of the books I read, are part of a series. This isn't intentional, there's just a lot of good books that turn out to be the first in a series..
15. My favorite book when I was younger, was Een mysterieuze gast by Marjo Roeven. It's a Dutch book without an English edition and I've read it a lot. I still have it, and plan to re-read it sometime in the future.

16. According to Goodreads, I own 400 physical books.
17. Getting back into reading also sparked a forgotten hobby to life: writing.
18. While I love hardcovers, I prefer to read paperbacks, because they're cheaper and nicer to hold while reading.
19. I have never dog-eared a book in my life. I always use bookmarks, or if I don't have one handy, I use a scrap of paper, a receipt, a postcard, flat magnet or even a candy wrapper.
20. While I love my copy of Harry Potter Page to Screen, it bugs me that I'm not able to fit it anywhere on a shelf. Because of its size, it stays on my bed and has to be put on the floor every night.


These little facts make me think about myself and my reading habits quite a lot! It's fun to write a post like this one.

That's it for this week. Next week I'll have another ten things :) 


  1. I love this new meme of yours its really interesting !! I too only read in English. I guess I just like it better but honestly it's also because I can't bear waiting a year or even several months for a book that I love to be translated lol

  2. That's cool you're getting Dutch books as well! I've been thinking of asking for a few Swedish ones (especially since I'm on a Swedish review site as well) but haven't yet. I'm the same about mainly reading English otherwise! I love it more, but also because even if I wanted them in Swedish I'd have to wait for-ever. Lol! Nice post. :D

  3. It was great to learn a little more about you and your reading habits. Everything YA is part of a series these days, it is getting a little out of hand!


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