Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Get Read-y] Second Check-in

In December we get read-y for 2012! We read away those review copies, or those 2011 titles that we still haven't read so we can have a nice and clean start for the New Year! With so many amazing titles coming out in 2012, you might be a little overwhelmed with the amount of books to read.. But fear not! Get Read-y is here to help you lower your TBR pile :) For the introduction post with all information, click here!


It's already been two weeks so it's time for the second check-in for Get Read-y! How are you doing? Did you manage to read review books or other titles that demanded your attention? Please share it in the comments! :) 

For me, it's going pretty well so far! I've already tripled the total amount of books read in the month of November, so I got my reading mojo back after the craziness that is called NaNo *yay*! I read three books this week, so that's pretty good! I read Adorkable, which was AMAZING, The Poison Diaries, which is the only book I bought myself - because I got the second book for review. I quite liked it, it was better than I expected it to be! I also read Slated, which was really good as well. 

Next week I'm going to try and read some more NetGalley titles, seeing that I haven't read any of those so far.. And I'm starting off with Hallowed since I'm really excited to see what happens to Clara and Tucker.. And yes, Christian, too. 

Are you on schedule with the books you planned to read? Or maybe you're even ahead? Let me know in the comments so we can cheer each other on!


  1. Sounds like you're doing really well. I'm happy too. I read 2 more books (total 4) and almost finished 3 other ones.

    I've now done 8 reviews (was 3) so that is going well, too.

    I even back-upped my blog, although that was not part of the challenge. :-)

  2. That's awesome! Looks like you'll be completely caught up when December ends.. Maybe I should copy that and do the same! *looks at list of reviews to write* *whimpers*

    Very well done! :)

  3. Here's my check-in:

    I finished the book I was reading last week (it was really long!) and read another book, so I'm doing alright! I am worried about finishing Star Trek and Philosophy, because each essay seems to take me forever. I might have to do a mini-read-a-thon on that one!

  4. I've done very badly this week. On the plus side, I've reviewed 'Atonement' (challenge), started 'A Fish Caught in Time' (challenge) and read half of 'Ape House' (library). On the minus side, I haven't finished anything, and I haven't read the review book I was planning to start either. I keep getting caught up online while I'm at work, and before I know it it's nearly closing time and I've wasted another six hours or so of prime reading time! :(

  5. It's going pretty well :) I've written and posted 7 reviews and read 4 books. Almost done with two more. I'm not sure whether I'll finish 15 more books before the end of 2011 (my own Goodreads challenge), but I'm going to give it my best!

  6. Haven't done well. I am still reading The Survivor and am yet to review The Circular Staircase. I better pull up my socks.

  7. Im actually just starting. I just finished my exams so now I can focus all my time on reading and doing other wrap up the year type stuff.

    I just read air by shuana granger. I loved it

  8. Boy oh boy, I am falling behinder and behinder. I got most of Haven (Kristi Cook), came highly reccommended by one of my teen readers, bought it, been on shelve forever. Good, good book. Still have a pile of 6 books to read for review though. Thinking will have to shorten to reads and get the 6 books read and reviewed. Have the week tween Christmas and the New Year off so should be able to catch up then.

    Happy reading (and Holidays!)

  9. And now that I am done talking about ME (yeesh), way to go on tripling your reading!!

  10. I haven't been reading many of the books on my tbr list. Instead I've been reading NEW books. *sigh*

  11. Ok, so I read a lot. I read 14 books from the 8th to the 14th, bringing my total to 25. Yeah. Kinda read 17 books from the 3rd to the 9th because I was crazy :) Also wrote a whole wack of reviews, for 30 books. Because I got really behind. So now to write more reviews, and read more books! Whoo!!

  12. I'm on track, have only 6 books left to read in December, in order to finish all my 2011 reading challenges.

  13. @LianneLavoie

    YAY for finishing that long book! Maybe try to read one essay, then something else, then another essay? Sometimes variation helps..

    Sending you good reading vibes!!

  14. @Ellie

    aw but you're catching up on your reviews! That's awesome, too! I wish I did that too.. When I'm finished with December I have a list of approximately 20 titles waiting to get reviews!

    Also sending you great reading vibes! I'm sure you'll do great this week :)

  15. @Chinoiseries
    Wow, that's amazing! You're lowering your TBR AND posting reviews! *bows*

    15 books is a lot, but hey, it's December, anything can happen! You've read 4 books this week, so I don't think it's impossible :)

    Good luck on the reading! Got my fingers crossed for you that you make your goodreads challenge!

  16. @neer
    Good luck this week with the reading! *sends you good vibes*

  17. @Michelle @ Book Briefs
    Hope your exams went well! Good luck with the reading :)

  18. @Deb A. Marshall

    Six books is totally doable if you have the week between Christmas and New Years off! I bet you'll do great :)

    Happy Holidays to you, too!

  19. @Vasilly
    Uh oh.. But hey, technically they're on your TBR pile, too, right? *positive*

  20. @LouisaHoly shiz, that's.. WOW! 14 books read and 30 reviews written.. WOW. That's all I'm able to say! WOW! Keep up the good work! :D

  21. @Susan

    That's awesome! I'm sure you can do it - six books is not so bad to read in a little under two weeks :) Good luck!


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