Monday, December 26, 2011

[The End of 2011] Best Couples

After reading so many books (yes, the amount I've read is insane for me), I've come across a lot of couples and characters I wish would just become a couple. And I love some good romantic tension, so I decided to dedicate one of the Reprise posts to my favorite couples. This doesn't only include couples that are already established, but also couples that I hope to see in the next book(s) in the series. This list is not limited to books released in 2011.

Samantha & Kent
Samantha has a quite obnoxious boyfriend, and honestly, in the beginning of the story he sorta matches perfectly with her. But at the first mention of Kent, I was curious. Who is the guy with the bowler hat? Thankfully, we got to know him as the story continued and he ended up being one of my favorite male minor characters ever written. He's such a lovely character, and I just can't help but love him.

Katniss & Peeta
Oh, Peeta.. Where do I even start? I fell in love with him while reading the first book in the trilogy, and I even know the exact moment - when I read the interview before the Games. He was just so adorable, even though it was really sad, and I couldn't help but love him. He's such a lovely, warm character and if he was real, I would cuddle him nonstop. He proves to be a great and loyal partner to Katniss even after the Games, even after his hijacking. They are an amazing couple in my eyes, even though some people might feel that Katniss doesn't deserve him. I think they compliment eachother perfectly, and they are the only couple possible for me after reading the book(s).

Dash & Lily
This was one of the funniest books I've read this year and I loved every single word of it. Dash and Lily are both awesome characters, but when they finally meet, it's something else - they are lovely together. They are cute and adorable and even though I think they are brilliant on their own, I think they are even more awesome together.

Anna & Etienne
Come on, how could these two not made it on the list?! Anna's feelings for Etienne are pretty obvious from the start, even though they are both in a relationship with someone else. I loved how they got to know eachother, how their relationship developed, and how they grew closer almost every time I flipped a page. They are adorable together, and I love them as a couple!

 Finley & Griffin
This is one of the couples that are not together (yet?), but I really want them to just get it on already! The tension between them is so obvious and I really really hope that they will get together in the next book.. It's the romantic fairy tale; the maid and the duke, even though Finley is not a maid anymore, they are not in the same social circles and therefore any relationship forming between those two is 'taboo'. But OMG I just want to get them together and get them to kiss!

Saba & Jack
Even though Saba is cold to Jack in the beginning (which I can totally understand, considering the circumstances), she warms up to Jack more and more and so did I! I love their witty encounters, their snarky remarks and the fact that even though they talk down to eachother, they obviously like eachother. I loved seeing their relationship develop from not trustworthy tag-along, to where they were at the end of the book (hah! no spoilers here..). I'm really looking forward to the second book so I can find out what's next for them.. Because they're good for eachother, they have the same kind of fire, and seem to understand eachother perfectly.

Ellie & Will
Oh dude, do I have to explain this one? Will is such an amazing swoonworthy character, and Ellie is a kickass heroine and together they are an amazing couple. There seem to be some eh, difficulties for them ahead in terms of a relationship, but I'm sure they'll work it out - or ignore it. They just really need to get together and anyone who has read this book will agree with me! They belong together, and they are such a lovely couple.. *sigh*

Beth & ScottI loved Scott from the beginning, and I thought that they needed to get together asap. He's a lovely guy, caring, loyal and understanding. But he's also brutally honest, even though he might not say everything that's on his mind. There's some struggles during the story, but I kept hoping and hoping for them to finally get together. They compliment eachother perfectly, they are a perfect match and I just love them together.


Those are my favorite couples of 2011! I'm sure there are lots more to meet, so I'm really looking forward to that. What are your favorite couples of this year? :)

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