Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coming up: Get read-y for 2012!

We're getting closer and closer to 2012! For me, that means that there will be a lot of exciting new titles coming out, and of course I want all zeh pretties because of reasons. But when I look at my TBR pile, and then mainly the part of it that consists of review books, I get a little stressed. The pile is huge, and I want to be able to read all the new books, too! But I don't want to ignore the books I got for review, either.. *slight panic*

Even though I know December is filled with a lot of holidays, I want to use the last month of 2011 to catch up on my review pile. I don't want to feel guilty about grabbing a 2012 title when I haven't read my 2011 review books! So what's the solution? Get that review pile out of the way. *mows pile off the desk with one arm swipe*

In December, the blog will focus on reducing the to-read books that you might have lying around, waiting for you to read them. The goal is to start 2012 with a small, manageable pile of books that will also allow you to be able to pick up new titles. To make a long story short: We're getting read-y for the new year.

There will be weekly check-ins, and yes, there will be a giveaway even though that is completely counterproductive. The only thing I ask from you if you want to join, is that you fill in the Mr Linky that I will post on December 1st along with the introduction post.

Already excited? Grab the button below (I'd appreciate it if you save it on your own computer and then upload it yourself) and post it on your Facebook or blog or wherever else you want to. The more people who join, the merrier!

Get read-y for 2012 will last for the entire month of December, meaning we start with a kickoff on December 1st and closing off on December 31st. Reduce that TBR or review pile!


  1. Awesome Daph! I'm grabbing the button and joining you on this challenge! See you on December 1st. <3

  2. I'll be joining in too!

  3. Count me in! I have a huge review TBR stack that I would love to get through between now and the end of the year! Thanks for coming up with this great idea.

  4. I am in. Here's my post about it:

  5. I'm in! (and maybe in twice...because the laptop just did something weird...) You won't believe how many books I'm *supposed* to have read by December 31. I'm hoping this challenge will inspire me to finish them all. I've got my post up and will link it as soon as Dec 1 rolls around.


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