Friday, August 12, 2011

Daph's Birthday Bash Extravaganza!

It's my birthday on August 17th! And since it's my party, I decided to celebrate my birthday with all my lovely followers and book friends. What better to do that than to host a massive birthday bash extravaganza? There will be guest posts of AWESOME authors and I will be giving away books all week - yes, you read that right! There will be a Twitter and Youtube giveaway as well, so I won't exclude those of you who don't follow the blog :) To see what I'm giving away, you'll have to stay tuned because there will be a new post up every morning around 9 AM Amsterdam time.

A new post every day - There's someone who writes Steampunk.. An author who is influenced by Greek myth.. An author who has a thing for weird sentences in foreign languages.. And more! But they are all equally awesome. In short: something for everyone (I hope!)

Daph's Birthday Bash Extravaganza: Serving Amazeballs with free Awesomesauce on the side! :D 

The giveaways will go up between August 15th and August 21st, 2011. All giveaways are open internationally. I will use Bookdepository to ship out the prizes, so as long as Bookdepository ships to your country, you're eligible to enter. There may be additional rules for each giveaway, so make sure to read the rules as stated in the giveaway post.

There will be a question at the bottom of every post and I would love it if you guys would like to answer that in the comments! Just to keep that birthday spirit going :)

Good luck!


  1. I can't wait! ^^
    Have a nice day!

  2. Oh, Gosh. Really?!
    I´d like this idea. rs

  3. Great giveaway hun, look forward to it.

    P.S Totally voted for The Iron King for your next read. You so need to read it :) Lol


  4. Happy early birthday! This is such a cool idea. Can't wait! :)

  5. Fun fun fun! I'll be checking back (although I do anyway!).

  6. Advanced Happy Birthday and thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

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