Thursday, March 10, 2011

Question: How do you sort your books?

I always like reading these kind of posts so I thought I'd do one, too! I'm fascinated by bookclosets, shelves and just overall how people organize their books. I like looking at it, and I think a lot of people do, considering the amount of bookshelf tours and the like on YouTube.

I came up with a couple of questions, please leave your answers in the comments below! (Or just share your thoughts :) )

1. Where do you keep your books?
I have a big book closet (pictured partly above) where I keep most of my adult fiction and some of my favorites, like my Harry Potter books. I also have a little book closet where I keep a variety of YA books, mostly unread.

2. How do you organize your books? Alphabet, genre, color, hardback/paperback, etc?
My way of organizing is not really logical for other people I think, but I'll tell you anyway haha: I have 9 cubes available in my big book closet, in which 1 is reserved for Harry Potter, 1 for my cookbooks, 3 for adult fiction and chicklit (sorted in alphabetical order), 1 for my 'magic' YA books, 1 for YA books in general and 1 for books that I think are kinda meh - at least at the moment. That is where my Twilight boxed set currently resides. In my little bookcloset I have all my other YA books and my Sookie Stackhouse box. Not really a system in there, yet. I keep my series mostly together.

3. Do you keep your unread books seperate from the rest of your books?
No, I do not. I just keep them all together, like little friends on a playground. I don't have *that* many books that I can't remember what I still have to read, so I should be alright for a little while.

4. What would your dream book organization system look like?
More book closets - because I don't have room for another closet at the moment. I would love to have an extra room in my future house so I can turn it into my own library, complete with my own comfy chair and water cooker so I can make me some tea any time I want to.

If you have any other thoughts, let me know in the comments!


  1. I have my books on the bookshelf. I sorted them into three sections, the first my unread review books and I put them in alphabetical order, then are my unread books in alphabetical order and then I sorted all my read books into alphabetical order.

  2. when i think about it, mine is kind of unorganized. i keep the series together, then stack the shorter books on top of each other (instead of having them stand up right), and all my other books are just placed on the shelf as I buy them. i tried changing it around before, but i was just so used to the way it was that I changed it back. I literally have the order my books are in memorized.

  3. I used to have them organized by size but recently I put them into alphabetical order instead. I keep most of them on a small (sadly) bookshelf in my room, but some on a bigger bookshelf downstairs.


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