Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggiesta roundup!

So this weekend, I worked on my Bloggiesta goals! I listed a list with goals that I wanted to accomplish on the blog this weekend and here's how I did.

1. Make a cheatsheet!
This doesn't seem to work for my reviews. So what I did instead was prepare a setup for the books I plan to read this week. I made the 'skeleton' of the post: cover image and the list of facts. When I've finished reading the book, I can simply fill in my thoughts of the book and be done! I will prepare this once a week so I don't have to spend a lot of time finding Goodreads summaries/synopsis' and other things.

2. Create a review index page
Mission accomplished! I have a review index page now, which you can find at the top of the page - right besides the tabs 'about me', 'challenges' and 'the reading pile'. I think I'll get rid of the reading pile page in a couple of months, because it seems like I'm doing it double.. But I like the reading pile! Anyway, at the top of the page, you can click on how you'd like to see the reviews sorted. I've made three categories: Author A-Z, Title A-Z and in chronological order of date read. In the last category may be books that I've read, but that won't get a review on the blog. 

3. Organize my TBR pile (including what-to-read-when)
Have I mentioned that I love organizing and reorganizing? I love order in my book closet and in my Goodreads account - labels are my best friends! I joined in on the challenge over at Jenns Bookshelves and on top of just organizing my TBR pile, I now have a fully organized Google Calendar and Spreadsheet! I can now actually keep track of which book comes out when, instead of trying to memorize everything from the top of my head (guilty!). I've planned my reviews and I scheduled when I need to read the ARC's I have in order to have the review go up around the release date. I feel all organized now! Note to self: don't get lost in all the organization, though. 

4. Check reviews on Goodreads (did I post them there, too?)
I've been a good girl and most of my reviews were on Goodreads! I added those to Goodreads (they already had star ratings). I also found some books I've read (but don't own) and added those to my bookshelves, too. So this was easy to accomplish, really. Just keep it going :)

5. Answer unanswered comments
Still working on this! It will be hard for me to answer comments in a timely manner. I do read all the comments though, but I just have to push myself to answer comments right after reading them.

6. Create a review policy
And so I did! I removed the old 'About the ratings' page and I now have a page that's called 'Review Policy' instead. It's a bit long since I actually really enjoyed writing it.. Even though I put it off for so long. Weird, eh?

7. Find a nice meme
I think I even found a nice meme. I found a meme that's called Top Ten Tuesday, with a new top ten every week. I usually post a review on Tuesday, but I think I'll move that over to another day so I can do the meme. I'm not 100% sure though, so if it doesn't appear on the blog, don't be mad at me! I've also thought about doing Waiting on Wednesday, but when I'm not waiting on anything, it's going to be hard, hehe. 

I think it's safe to say that I did good in this Bloggiesta weekend! I've also double checked my stats and thank god I did, because I forgot to paste my Google Analytics code in the HTML field when I changed layouts, which means I don't have any stats for about 3,5 weeks. Whoops! Well, it's fixed now so it should be alright. 

My first Bloggiesta weekend was a success! How did you do in your Bloggiesta weekend? :)

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