Monday, December 6, 2010

Re-reading books

Last week, I found myself wanting to re-read Harry Potter.. Again. I tend to do this a lot. It's the only series that I've read this much and I honestly can't remember a book that I've read more often than one of the Harry Potter Series.

My reading pile is getting bigger and bigger, and yet I find myself reading books I've already read. I think it's the season: I love reading the series from underneath my blanket, with a steamy mug of tea besides me.

I love the fact that I can discover new things in the stories that J.K. Rowling wrote every single time I pull out another of the books. How does she do that?! She's an amazing storyteller and even now, while I'm reading it for the seventh or eighth time, I discover new things. I can't believe it, but yet, it's true. And yes, I'm a major Potterhead and proud to be so!

So that leaves me to wonder.. Have you re-read books? If so, which ones have you re-read?


  1. I hardly ever reread anything because there's always so much NEW stuff to read! But ... I did read all seven Harry Potters over the summer -- I wanted to get the entire picture at once, instead of waiting a year between each book. It was great!

  2. I never re-read. There are too many other books to get to!

  3. Annette that's so true! So many books, so little time..

  4. La Coccinelle so true! I find myself re-reading Harry Potter, even though I have so many books in my closet, waiting to be loved.. *reads faster*


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