Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years resolutions

So I've never really done New Years resolutions ever, since I couldn't stick with them, but I'm going to try them anyway. Maybe it'll push me to work harder :)

Reading & blogging
- Read more. I tend to read books I've read before. That's not a bad thing, but I get stuck with the books I know I love and I know there's a whole world of awesome books out there, so I'd better start reading them! That's one of the reasons that I started my blog as well - to share my thoughts on those books, whether it's a re-read or a new read.
- Blog at least three times a week. I'd love to be able to blog every day, but I just don't have enough to talk about to blog every day! I prefer not to do meme's every day, so that's why I'm currently only blogging 1-2 times a week. I hope this changes and I think it will since I'm joining the 100+ reading challenge - so I'll have a lot  to talk about!
- Comment more on other blogs. I'm sort of a lazy blogger - I like to blog on my blog and answer my comments here, but I only lurk at other people's blogs. Sometimes I do comment, but I want to do that more. I want to be a social blogger!

- Get a job. I've been unemployed for 6 months now and I'm still at the downhill point I started at in July. It didn't get better, so I might as well get a job. It won't be a dream job like I'd want it to be, but just to be able to get out of the house, would be awesome. Maybe I could apply for a job at a bookstore or something? Hmm *sees possibilities*
- Lose weight. I'm not happy with myself, so I eat. And I didn't work out much (*cough*) so I gained every pound that I lost in 2008/2009. And that's frustrating, so I eat more. See the circle here? Yeah. Need to break that. I'm aiming to get back at my old weight, so that's probably lose 20 kg in total -Yikes.
- Be a better friend. I'm a lazy blogger, but I'm also a lazy friend. I'm not all that good in texting and emailing my friends to ask them how they're doing. I'm perfectly fine with writing an email every other month or so - if we're not engaged in some kind of discussion already. I'm just not on top of things. I want to keep in touch with my friends more. They need me, too, just like I need them.
- Organize more often. With that I mean that I don't want everything to get messy. I'm perfectly fine with a pile of bills, magazines, books, flyers, more bills, instruction manuals. Better even: I can find everything with my eyes closed. The only thing is, I'm not one to clean that up every week, so it just piles and piles until the piles are everywhere - on my stairs, desk, besides my desk and making it impossible to walk around. Ouch, that's honest. Ah well, it's true. I can find everything. It's just not really nice to look at.
- Finish my Spanish course. I still have 3 months of support left (I study at home) and I don't want my money to be wasted. So I have to pick up my course and finish it before April. I can do that!

Ouch, that looks like I'm a lazy douchbag that only hangs on the couch every day - that's not true! I'm quite nice, too, but I just want to pinpoint my weak spots and make them better.

2010 wasn't really a great year for me to say the least: I was still sick, lost my job when I was recovering, lost my cat, my boyfriend and a lot of friends because of my illness, and because all of that I felt depressed. I want 2011 to be a great year, and since I'm at rock bottom now, it can only go up, right? :)

What are your New Years resolutions, if you have any?

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