Friday, November 26, 2010

NaNoWriMo Crisis

So it's only four days til the deadline of NaNoWriMo and while everyone is validating their wordcount, I'm stuck. I can't write a single thing anymore, and it's REALLY frustrating. I don't know what is going to happen next, or how to end my last scene. Should it be real? Should it be a dream? Jeesh, I can't figure it out! I don't even know if I want my MC to find out who her best friend really is in this story, or what the last part of the story should be all about..

I started out with NaNo a little late, I believe I started 5 or 6 days in the challenge, so I was behind from the start. I'm still somewhere near 15,000 words behind on my schedule and I feel like I'm never going to make it. It feels like failure.

Last time I was stuck, the person that was running the sprints on NaNo's sprintaccount on twitter inspired me with some dares and I actually managed to write an enitre chapter based on a dare that seemed too ridiculous to even consider to put into the story. But now, the sprinters are gone because of Thanksgiving weekend and now I feel completely lost. I need some inspiration. When I get the inspiration I'll be fine for a bit and even find the inspiration to write maybe even another chapter.

But not now. I feel alone. I feel like I'm failing.


I just wanted to vent a little, it's really bothering me that I can't write the 50,000 words in time! *shakes fist*

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  1. I'm not taking part this year because I only found out about it half way through and knew I wouldn't finish in time. 50,000 words is a huge amount and I think that even taking part and trying your best is admirable. I'm sure you will get your inspiration back soon. Well done on taking part, that in itself is a huge achievement.


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