Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Moon - The First Half

I have to admit that I've been postponing posting about what I've read in New Moon so far, since typing on a touch screen telephone isn't really that comfortable. Since I'm halfway through the book now, I thought I'd give you an update.

To give a short summary: Edward dumped Bella and erased every trace that he was ever in her life. Bella collapsed because she was so emotional about the break. It was easy for me to relate to Bella at that time, since I've been through a rough breakup myself a little while ago, and I felt (and feel) exactly like Bella. Like there's no sun. There's nothing to be happy about. You go in a sort of standby situation. You do what they ask you to, but you're not really there. It was really confronting for me to read this. It came a little close to how I was feeling. So yes, I cried while I read the first half of the book. Quite a lot.

But then she began seeing Jacob again, because he was fixing two bikes for Bella. Bella had sort of an adrenaline junkie thing, because when she was in danger or felt adrenaline, she would hear Edward talking in her head. Jacob fancies Bella so it's a bit hard for her to be with him and not giving him the wrong impression at the same time. At one evening, after an evening of going to the movies, Jacob drops Bella off at her house. He tells her he'll call her when he gets home, but he never did. She spoke to Billy, his father, and he said that he came home.

After that, Bella collapses again because Jacob never tries to get in touch with her again. Billy answers the phone every now and then, but never gives much information. When Bella goes to La Push to talk to Jacob, she and Jacob have a fight. That night, Jacob comes to visit and tells her he has a secret and he can't tell her about it, but she can guess it, because he told her all about it when they first met one year ago.

The next day, Bella has figuered out that Jacob is a werewolf. She tells him and he's relieved (after having another fight). Jacob tells Bella about a vampire trying to break through the defences of the werewolfes, and Bella recognizes Victoria, a vampire that wants her dead because Edward killed her mate. Jacob tells the others and they start a plan.

Because they now know that Victoria is after Bella, they run more patrols, leaving Bella at La Push. She hasn't heard Edwards voice in a while now, and since Jacob isn't around, she decides to go cliff diving while there is a storm coming up. She jumps off the cliff and crashes into the water. Jacob saves her just in time.

Bella and Jacob are asleep when Billy comes home from the hospital and tells them that Harry died (a friend of both Jacob's and Bella's father).

And... That's about where I stopped reading. I will continue reading tonight before bedtime, and it's getting harder for me to put the book down because I have to go to sleep. I want to know the rest, what is going to happen? I can almost feel Jacobs affection towards Bella and the love he feels for her. It's somehow a bit painful for me to read, because I'm going through the same thing - although I'm not in the luxurious position of having a Jacob by my side to heal the hole in my chest.

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