Friday, September 24, 2010

Chapter Six: Scary Stories

I just read chapter six. Bella goes to the beach with a bunch of people she knows from school. This isn't really an interesting chapter, just about some little hiking trip they make where Bella falls a couple of times. When she gets back, she starts talking with Jacob, a boy that from his description, looks almost as droolworthy as Edward does; only he has long hair. In a ponytail. Yuk! Well anyway, Bella walks with him on the beach and Jacob tells her about the legends of his tribe. He also tells her about the enemy of his tribe: the cold ones.

They were on their land many years back, but Jacob tells Bella that the same cold ones are still around; the Cullens.

I'm not sure of I can read and post tomorrow, since I will be going to a birthday party. I don't want to wait an extra day to read again! :(

I hope you have a great weekend!

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