Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chapter Four and Five: Invitations & Bloodtypes

It's almost bedtime, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on chapter four and five.

In these chapters, Bella gets asked to the upcoming dance three times, but she declines every invotation by saying that she'll be in Seattle on that day. One day, Edward starts off his question by saying the day of the dance, but only to ask her of she could use a ride. Whoohoo, a ride to Seattle with Edward and his shiny Volvo!

Apparently, Edward decided to talk to Bella again. I can almost feel the butterflies in her stomach when he speaks to her again. He even invites her over to his table to have lunch together, although they don't eat anything (we all know why Edward doesn't eat hehe). He decides to ditch biology, while Bella goes to her class. They are studying blood types and Bella gets sick, so she's taken to the nurse.

Edward promises the nurse to take Bella home, so he drives her home in his car. She invites him to the upcoming trip to the beach of La Push, but he says no.

Next chapter is scary stories. I can't wait!!

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